Isolated Moyes haunted by Alex Ferguson at Manchester United

My prediction has always been that there is an Armstrong-esque to Man Utd success under Ferguson and relative failure since the sacking of his backroom staff.

I have no evidence that anyone ever used EPO - but I’ve always thought that a suspicious person might suspect that “Fergie Time” had more to do with eeking out the endurance advantage of  extra red blood cells than anything else.

How China fell in love with fixies


@LoneWilf - Yeah, whatever Wilf!

I (and many, many others) have been jumping red lights for years, without getting “ploughed”.

I - and this is not just trolling click-bait, I assure - have no interest whatsoever in traffic laws, the colour of lights, one-way streets, or motorists’ sensibilities.

The colour of lights is entirely discretionary to cyclists, just as it is for pedestrians. Do pedestrians wait for a ‘green man’ before crossing, even when the road it blatantly clear? Of course not. Nor do cylcists. It’s just a guide.

I jumped 9-12 lights on my way to work today (including both traffic junctions and pedestrian crossings) and 9-12 on my way back. I will do so tomorrow. So that’s around 20, every single day. FOR YEARS. I just used my common sense as to whether it was good to cross.

Having done this for years, the worst I get is an angry car/van-driver shouting abuse, which frankly just amuses me as I speed off flicking him/her the vees as he/she is left stranded at the lights!

Take note cyclists - traffic laws do not apply to us. The worst you get is pulled over by a policeman, when you have to pretend to be sorry for a minute. Big deal!

Just use your common sense and don’t endanger other people or yourself, but otherwise….. the roads are OURS, not theirs…..

Mark Perryman as usual talking rubbish about football on

For reasons unknown to me, I’m banned from commenting on their site, but the folks at socialistunity are hosting the usual rubbish spouting forth from Mark Perryman about football. 

Leave aside the schoolchild error about the "rules of the game" -football has Laws, not rules, as anyone who has ever troubled themselves to read the laws of the game knows. 

Mark spouts his usual bland generalities for improving football- for him blame for more or less everything is laid at the door of FA. I dealt with much similar stuff a couple of weeks ago here: but to re-iterate…

Football is more than just what the england national team do- it’s hundreds of thousands of players, coaches, officials and spectators every waking hour of every day. With the best will in the world the FA couldn’t possibly micromanage this. In my opinion it’s much more important that people are playing football on decent pitches with good coaches and excellent officials than it is for England to qualify. If the latter assists the former then all the better, but the main job of the FA is to help millions of english people to enjoy football in as many ways as possible; the majority of us should not feel that we have to be subservient to the minority of people who rabidly support the england national team and who’s only interested is in their success.

If you feel inclined, then please post a reply on the socialistunity website and help stop this madness

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